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Beautiful girl portrait by asahikawa-arashi

It is always nice to look at someone else's work for a change, and I have to say that I enjoyed talking about this piece in particular.

The work clearly shows a portrait of a young lady, as titled, and there are little to no changes from the original photograph, which I like. The style is obviously centered around the Japanese manga aesthetic, which can be found in numerous places nowadays - so it's nothing special. However, I understand that it is always fun to recreate someone your know into a cartoon caricature.

Being influenced by manga, I have to say this piece was nicely done. The toning and inking make it very attractive, and the simplicity of the portrait is also very eye-catching. However, the only problem I have with the shading/toning is the lack of variety in shades, or lack of contrast. The shadow tone in her chest area should be darker to show more depth (maybe even add a cleavage line), the dark gray toning on her shirt's collar is also too dark and I also wonder why her hair isn't shaded into a gray. This, of course, is all based on the original photograph of the subject (She had dark hair). Otherwise, the hair is done wonderfully, and the curls look gorgeous; I even like a slightly 'sketched' effect they have.

Two other things that immediately caught my eye is (1) the uneven line work around her ears and face. The ink seemed to have blotched a few times. Also, the whole picture is lavished in detail, down to the last curl, so it seems really strange for the ear to be left without detail like that. Even a shadow tone would have added to the overall idea. In short, the edges of the face seem slightly 'off'. (2) The neck also seems to be missing proper shadows, especially from the chin. Additionally, that strange 'bend' of the neck drawn directly above the collarbone looks strange, almost like a strange bone the subject has, and it made me confused. I know the original photo has the neck muscle turned like you drew it, but I would get creative with it and remove one of the neck muscle line, then shift it slightly up more so that it doesn't touch the collarbone at all. Otherwise, it'll look like a strange spiderweb attached to her collarbone. Agsin, this may just be me.

In any case, I was attracted to this image largely because it's thumbnail caught my eye. I like simplicity, contrast, and some of the manga/anime aesthetic. Although this image was nothing special compared to the plethora of anime goods out there, it is still nicely done as a portrait.
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